Which Lord of the Rings Elf Are You?

Please answer all questions, as they are not difficult in any way. The Lady of the Golden Wood is not responsible for any errors that may arise from incomplete answers.

1. Sum up your disposition in life.
I actively participate in most matters that affect my people.
I share my knowledge and experience for the good of all.
I am a very good and loyal worker and follower.
I often make the big decisions.
Quiet, but I would get a move on when I am needed.
My decisions are influenced by my great insight into the future.
I prefer peace, just do not try to upset that peace.

2. What is your most prized personal attribute?

3. What is your adage when it comes to relationships?
Duty and blood-ties above all.
Being single entails being a better warrior.
In marriage you get an ally, a friend and a lover.
Love equals making choices and sacrifices.
Think of the consequences of your actions and decisions in building ties.

4. Choose your "habitat."
I love the woods, but in my veins runs the wanderlust of a warrior.
I get attracted to often serene yet mysteriously unpredictable environments.
I have a strong affinity with all life, hence I am comfortable anywhere within Nature.
I gravitate to places that provide beauty and sanctuary.
The Wood and all within it must be protected and treasured.

5. In times of war...
I could very well lead my own army.
I would share with the Forces of Good my knowledge and even my wealth.
I would risk my life in a somewhat suicidal mission if it would help the people.
I wouldn't hesitate to leave everything behind if it would mean freedom from Evil.
I would offer strategies for our victory.
I would continually protect those I serve.

6. Pick a line:
In my mind I've seen it all, and someday we'll be free.
I won't sleep until you're resting here with me.
You're not an emcee if someone else writes your lines.
I never drew first but I drew first blood.
Sleepless warriors, a mission in the night.
Just can't stop the show, this is where I belong.

7. The kind of movie you prefer:
Tragic romance.
Swashbuckling action.
Historical epics.
Thoughtful drama.


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